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  • Are you saying Burns night or Boo-urns?

    We were a little late, but this year we celebrated Burn’s night, Haggis and all. Burn’s night is celebrated on the birthday of the famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns, the 25th of January. Traditional Scottish food is accompanied by poems, bagpipe music, and a series of addresses. While we waited for the haggis and accompaniments […]

  • Out of the Ashes

    Welcome to Phoenix One, the new Ordinary Decent Laptop Eighteen days after the Great Fire of Plymouth (not to be confused with the fire of 1902), I am typing on my brand new Dell Inspiron 16, and what a computer it is. The specifications roughly matched my old laptop, but were updated, and the only […]

  • The Aftermath

    The smouldering remains of my Inspiron 15 7000 are making their way to the Republic of Ireland. After the drama of last week, things have settled down considerably. Dell have collected my damaged laptop and promised a replacement system in the next ten days or so, although what form that computer will take is anyone’s […]

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  • Spooky Films, and London Town

    Last weekend was a busy one filled with writing, shooting and editing the Newforge Studios 2022 halloween film, Desperation. And now we’re up in London for another exam and a trip to Seoul. We try to put together a film for halloween, we’ve been pretty successful other than the odd year missed. This year Evie […]

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  • The Ordinary Decent Office, and Other Nonsense

    I was back in Northern Ireland for a short trip hence the lack of writing last time, but this one is coming to you from inside the new Ordinary Decent HQ. I thought I should take some photos with my camera as I find my phone rarely does a scene justice unless lighting conditions are […]

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  • So Very Close (Ordinary Decent Office)

    The title says it all, really. Yes, the office project is finally drawing to a close. I have learned a lot along the way. There are things I’ve done well. And things that have gone not so well, but those too are opportunities for growth. Most of all I am proud that I followed through […]

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  • Almost There (Ordinary Decent Office)

    I haven’t been feeling well and have run out of time this evening so this will be a quick update with a more in depth post later. My thumb survived at least. Almost There The office project is nearing completion. It has been over a year since I demolished those terrible bookcases in anger, and […]

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