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  • Almost There (Ordinary Decent Office)

    I haven’t been feeling well and have run out of time this evening so this will be a quick update with a more in depth post later. My thumb survived at least. Almost There The office project is nearing completion. It has been over a year since I demolished those terrible bookcases in anger, and […]

  • Between a Saw and a Hard Place (Ordinary Decent Office)

    Not somewhere you’d like to be, as I found out to my detriment, and testament to taking your time and doing a job right the first time. You won’t be overly surprised to hear there’s more DIY in this post. The work on the office continues in earnest. I left off the last episode with […]

  • Ordinary Decent Shelving

    The office saga continues… I spent much too long poking around in the ceiling this week. Enough time to warrant buying an endoscope to see what the hell was going on. Picking up from where we left off last week, I was working on the network aspect of the office project. WiFi is fine, but […]

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  • Day 2…Flooded

    So this morning didn’t exactly have the best start, after sleeping on the floor of the hall of the Jugendhaus (youth centre) and being woken constantly. Our tent still stands thankfully, and should last till the end of the camp. The rain didn’t seem to stop anyone from heading to gamescom today, so the lines […]

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  • On the first day of Gamescom…

    Here I am, stuck in the wifi tent again as it buckets down outside. I couldn’t believe that after such a ridiculously hot day we would get a rain storm this bad. The lightning is pretty cool, but the thought that our tent is on the brink of collapse or flooding is plaguing my mind. […]

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  • Hello Gamescom 2011!

    Yes, the time is finally nigh! I’m sitting in the wifi tent at the Gamescom camp, in sunny rainy Cologne, Germany waiting for the general public opening tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will improve for the rest of the weekend as my tent (shared with Alan, my brother) is not built for any inclement weather whatsoever. It […]

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