If gaming isn’t a part of your life, you’re doing it wrong.


  • Striking Gold (and Strike Two)

    Negotiations over Pay Restoration for Junior Doctors have stalled, and it looks like we’re heading rapidly towards a second strike. Meanwhile I’ve been out and about in Cornwall, and working on the doors. Cornwall Gold and Tolgus Mill This week’s Monday adventure with Evie was down and around Truro, starting at Cornwall Gold. Located just…

  • Fire Extinguisher in the Alcove?

    Happy Saint Patrick’s Eve! You thought you’d experienced all the shelves you could handle last week? Think again! It’s time to explore the alcoves. (But not the ones in Koningin Astrid Park…) The Alcoves Last week I put up the shelves for the glassware to replace the dresser which has gone to a new home.…

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  • Yeah…about the name change

    So, I created this blog sitting in the wifi tent at the gamescom camp for two reasons: 1. I wanted to share my experiences at gamescom and 2. I had nothing else to do. Now gamescom is over I can only really meet the second criteria. Except I probably should be doing a thousand other…

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  • Ha!

    I was searching for gaming articles on google and stumbled across an old BBC news article on the subject. According to their reporters Counter-Strike is a popular “shoot-em-up” game. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shoot_’em_up – Ever so slightly different to an FPS…

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  • The journey home

    Free wifi is always an alluring prospect, and having it on an otherwise incredibly boring 4 hour bus journey seems perfect. What I didn’t bank on was how busy the bus got as we stopped to pick up people along the way s Free wifi is always an alluring prospect, and having it on an…

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  • Off to Edinburgh

    Apparently more traveling is on the agenda, as I’m heading to Edinburgh a couple of days after getting back! Next week I’m going to crash out completely and do nothing, bar play LoL…Speaking of which, I’ve been really getting into it. It took a bit of getting used to but my last few matches have…

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