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Who am I? 

This needs re-written. I just realised how long it was since I updated it, and how much my writing style has changed. And how ambitious I was with my posting schedule. I’ve made the odd edit, but it’s due an overhaul.

Hi there, I’m Adam. This is my blog in case you were wondering, and I’m the Ordinary Decent Gamer. It all started with Gamescom 2011, and naïve journalistic aspirations, and I’ve kept it going since. I always say there isn’t much to tell about myself, simply to save myself from explaining my vast array of interests, but I’ll give it a go here. I’m a trainee histopathologist in the South West of England. In a nut shell I cut up tumours and people – it’s an interesting job.

I’m also a gaming enthusiast as you might have guessed by now. I’ve been playing games for as long as I remember, starting on an old Atari ST which I resurrect from time to time (good old New Zealand Story and some other random crap). PC, PS4 and Switch are my main platforms, though I also have an original Xbox, Xbox 360, Dreamcast, Playstation, PS2, PS3, Nintendo DS and a Sega Mega Drive. Check out Ordinary Decent Gamer’s YouTube Channel for gaming related fun!

I’m a gadget enthusiast, and also a bit of a keyboard enthusiast. My keyboard quest culminated in the discovery, purchase and restoration of an old IBM Model M.

Amongst my other interests are building, repairing and anything to do with computers, ringmaking, filmmaking, films in general, fencing, occasional DIY, cooking, writing, Japanese culture, audiovisual equipment, playing guitar and piano, martial arts, kayaking and canoeing and reading. I’ve probably left some of them out, and if I think of any others I’ll add them another time. I’ve made a handful of short films, and some of them are on Vimeo.

My newspaper journalism career was very short-lived, and despite agreeing to it, the paper never published my article – the swine! Apparently gaming is less important than other local news stories, but it’s just something I’m stuck with for now. It’s here somewhere in the blog if you can find it.

That's me...working away at a computer
That’s me…working away at a computer

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