Awesome Links


Here’s my set of links to interesting things, and I’ll keep adding as I discover more. I’ve tidied them up a bit a more now – fewer massive URLs, and cleaner links. Enjoy!

Vimeo – My Vimeo page, with a few of the short films I’ve made since starting.

StumbleUpon – I’ve spent many hours endlessly stumbling, and it is really worth it if you have some time to waste.

Diaspora – An alternative social network to Facebook and the other big ones, and worth a look. It’s nice to know that you own the data you put up there, unlike *cough* Facebook.

Instructables – I would hope everyone has heard of instructables by now, but if not it is an amazing DIY site, with user submitted projects. It has a great community backing, and very much worth a look.

OnLive – OnLive, the cloud based gaming service. If you have a decent internet connection (8 meg upwards) I recommend giving it a try, even for the free trials.

Hack this site – If all the fuss surrounding Anonymous recently has got you interested in hacking, HackThisSite is a great place to get started, with missions ranging from the very basic, to extremely difficult. All for fun, on their own servers.

Noooooooooooooo button – Useful in dire situations (exams etc).

Animefreak – For any anime fans, this is a great site for streaming links.


Newforge Therapies – The place to go for aromatherapy, reflexology, and all your holistic therapy needs.

General Tech

Engadget – My regular source for tech/gadget information.

Gamespot – My favourite game review website, and the one I agree with most often.

The Escapist – Home to many great blogs, video series (including Zero Punctuation), and game reviews.

Flash Games

Radical Fishing – Radical Fishing, a chilled out fishing game which is great for whiling away some time.

Every day the same dream – A really awesome flash game that everyone should play.

Other Great Blogs

Aaron’s blog: a modder and friend of mine, with some pretty interesting stuff. It’s worth taking a look at all the blogs Aaron is hosting; it’s his own blog script and he has built up a brilliant community in the few short years since it’s creation.

Mark’s blog: another friend, with some great stuff.

Keyboard Stuff – If that’s what you’re into

Model M Simulator – If you ever wanted to experience an IBM Model M, here’s a great place to start.

A care guide for the IBM Model M, if anyone has one (or is thinking about getting one!).

geekhack – An excellent forum for mechanical keyboards.

Deskthority – Similar to geekhack; another good community.

Clicky Keyboards – A US website selling mechanical keyboards.

PC Keyboards – Unicomp: the modern manufacturer of Model Ms.

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