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I love travelling, and naturally enough, from time to time I combine it with my love of writing. Travel writing! I may just have coined a phrase, so remember, you heard it here first. I thought I should combine all of the posts in one place so anyone interested in my travels can read about them in the proper order. I will keep updating this page as I cover more of my travels.


Tokyo, how did it take me this long to get here?

The first week (Well, almost all of it)

Tokyo Nights

A late Japan update – rain, cats, exhausation

Weird and wonderful food and experiences

A sleepless night in Tsukiji

Shiba Tofuya Ukai


Farewell Tokyo and hello Nagoya

Nagoya nights (and days, mostly)

Cycling and sightseeing – Part 1

Cycling and sightseeing – Part 2

See you later, Nagoya



Himeji and Hiroshima


A Seoul searching soujourn – Part 1

A Seoul searching soujourn – Part 2


The rocky road to Siem Reap

Toodaloo temples, and so long Siem Reap

Kuala Lumpur

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