Hello Gamescom 2011!

Yes, the time is finally nigh! I’m sitting in the wifi tent at the Gamescom camp, in sunny rainy Cologne, Germany waiting for the general public opening tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will improve for the rest of the weekend as my tent (shared with Alan, my brother) is not built for any inclement weather whatsoever. It only cost 14 euro, which is either a bargain or a disaster waiting to happen depending on your outlook.

So, I’ve been talking with some guys who have press access, and so far the games to look out for seem to be The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Prototype 2. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a playable demo of Skyrim, only a playthrough by a demonstrator. I’m still looking forward to seeing it. There has also been some talk about 1 or 2 hour long queues at the big developers; EA, Activision and the rest so I’ll check them out but who could really be motivated to wait that long for a game that’s probably just way overhyped. I’ll have more tomorrow and hopefully it will have been worth the trip out here. The camp site itself is pretty good and it will be buzzing when everyone gets here, though so far people seem friendly enough and it’s well kitted out. Though the promise of wifi was rather misleading, as it is only available within a tent though it is pretty comfortable in here.

I’ll have more later…


2 responses to “Hello Gamescom 2011!”

  1. 14 euro?? 🙂 Cool! Rainy Cologne?? That´s not possible! 😉 You´ll be suprised the following days at the german weather! 😛 See you

  2. Yeah, the tent is actually a decent size but we’ll see how it fares 😛 It was really warm and sunny this afternoon, and the weather only really changed in the evening there. Talk to you later 🙂

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