Off to Edinburgh

Apparently more traveling is on the agenda, as I’m heading to Edinburgh a couple of days after getting back! Next week I’m going to crash out completely and do nothing, bar play LoL…Speaking of which, I’ve been really getting into it. It took a bit of getting used to but my last few matches have been pretty decent. If you play add me, my summoner name is just dougzy.

I also wanted to start Rift, but the download is 9GB and on my connection was going to take forever to do. Hopefully I’ll get trying it soon though, to see what all the fuss ia about. There are way too many MMOs coming out than I have time to play. I haven’t even played WoW yet! There is always the fear that it may juat consume my life. I’ll have more later, and depending on the internet connection on the boat (if there is any) I may even get some League of Legends time.

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