Yeah…about the name change

So, I created this blog sitting in the wifi tent at the gamescom camp for two reasons: 1. I wanted to share my experiences at gamescom and 2. I had nothing else to do. Now gamescom is over I can only really meet the second criteria. Except I probably should be doing a thousand other things, but I’m not going to. I’m just going to sit here and write. Welcome to ordinarydecentgamer, the newest incarnation of my blog, though probably not the last. The focus of the blog has shifted slightly to a more general commentary on life. My life that is.

On the gaming front (kind of), I have to write an article for my local newspaper so it’s probably going to be an extremely condensed version of my blog. It’s only 300-500 words so it should be pretty easy, though I’m not really used to writing in the style. Though it may be small, it is at least an opportunity to get some journalistic experience. And who knows…I might even get a press pass next year, rather than being told that my paper, the “Lurlan Mail” (Lurlan you notice, instead of Lurgan if she actually listened to me) does not exist. And as usual I’m playing League of Legends. My summoner name is dougzy, and Garen is my current champion of choice.

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