The end of the summer holiday is nigh!

The Icarus Landing System, one of the cooler augmentations in Deus Ex

Summer really has gone by quickly, even though it was the longest I’ve been away from school. Almost four months! The main reason I haven’t posted in a few days is that I’m still buried in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The game just gets more and more engrossing, and there are so many different ways to complete the objectives. I’m the type of person who has to explore every area and hack every computer so it takes a good bit of time getting through a game as big as this, but the game rewards you for exploration with new weapons and other items. The more I play it, the more it feels like Metal Gear Solid thanks to all the vent crawling/combat and stealth. It also reminds me of System Shock 2. If there ever was a difficult game, that was it. I spent most of the time walking round aimlessly, terrified, with an inventory full of broken weapons and only a wrench to defend myself from the hybrid monsters. I’ve also started playing the original Deus Ex, but graphically it hasn’t aged as well as SS2. The gameplay is good, but it throws you in at the deep end, and there’s a steep learning curve. I will persevere though! Otherwise I haven’t been up to that much. I was kayaking today which was extremely tiring, but good fun, thanks to all the rainfall over the last while.

The blog is still relatively new so I’m working out a few things, in particular how often I post. It will have to be either once or twice a week when I get back to university – I’m starting back in a week or so. I’ll hopefully be getting my keyboard next week as well, which I’m going to keep down in Belfast for the majority of my typing. That is, if it isn’t priced ridiculously. I need to get my stuff organised for moving back to Belfast as well, where there will hopefully be a decent internet connection! Posting after 11pm really doesn’t work for me, I’m way too tired to write.

2 responses to “The end of the summer holiday is nigh!”

  1. Deus Ex: HR is ridiculously addictive. I couldn’t get anything productive done until I had finished it!

  2. Yeah, I just finished it today and already planning my second run through! I’m back onto classic Deus Ex though; I forgot just how much graphics have moved on since I played it at launch all those years ago.

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