There should have been a post…

With the stress of a looming exam, and family leaving for the states, I completely forgot about posting. I had already prepared my post in advance, or at least made notes, but I accidentally left them at home! So…what should have been Friday’s post, moved to Sunday, and now will be this Wednesday night as that’s when I’m heading back home again. I’m completely exhausted now – I was tired after the exam at 11.30, and am even more tired now after going out to the pub to celebrate Nathan’s birthday (a friend who also studies medicine). The night culminated with cake and Firefly, so all in all it was pretty damn good. I will have the right post up on Wednesday!


One response to “There should have been a post…”

  1. Ending the day with cake and Firefly, hell of a night :). I’m still working my way through the last season of LOST, I’m only 2-3 years behind everyone else xD

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