That’s a fine looking media centre…why doesn’t mine look like that!

A selection of decent cases

Before I begin the post proper, there are just a few things to clear up. Yes, the exams are over, and yes I’m relieved but not yet free from university tyranny. There’s a couple of assignments for the start of the semester, and I really should be working on my CV for the intercalated degree application. But instead, I find myself watching Tintin and pulling apart an old Ferguson solid state amplifier. The hope is that the insides of my PC will fit into the smaller amplifier case, though that’s all up in the air. It won’t look as sleek as the modern HTPCs (home theatre PCs); rather it’s going to be a retro throwback to a simpler time. Whether it will look like that, or just a wooden case brutally hacked to bits will still have to be seen. There’s a lot of work still to be done.

The amp is currently in pieces scattered over the floor at my feet, while I try to think of novel uses for the old parts. So far I’ve come up with stealthing the drive with the old front panel and disguising the power switches amongst the old ones. It’s still going to be tricky to fit everything in the case thanks to the height of the graphics card and PSU. That’s what Dremels are for I suppose. Before all of that though, I should probably make sure the computer is actually running smoothly. My VGA to SCART cable is currently driving me nuts, as everything seems to be wired up fine but there is still no discernable signal getting through (it doesn’t help that I’m terrified of ruining my tv and graphics card). Add to that the occasional problem I’m having of random screen blackouts and other television out issues.

The quiz!

Aside from that, the Operation Friendship Annual Quiz is this coming Friday!!! (Note three exclamation marks; it’s just that important) It’s in Portadown Golf Club this year if your interested – I’m fielding a team which is still being assembled at this time. Hopefully we’ll climb a few places this time, as being the best team of “young people” isn’t much of an accolade. Despite general knowledge being my thing, there are always a good few questions which stump me every year. The key table quizzes seems to be experience – aside from current affairs and sport, there are usually a finite amount of questions asked. No matter where we’re ranked, it’s always a good night out, and it should be good again this year.

Mum requested we watch Tintin tonight, for a bit of nostalgia, as none of us had seen it in years and years and I recently bought the complete remastered boxset. Wow, it is pretty good, but I forgot how serious/violent the themes were. For a kids show there sure are a lot of death threats, attempts to throw unconcious people into the sea, drug smuggling gangs, gangsters and generally perilous situations. It’s easily one of the best cartoon series, and really has stood the test of time for a series that started way back in 1929. The boxset I have is for the 1991-1992 Adventures of Tintin, and is the series I grew up with. I highly recommend visiting this old classic – you won’t be disappointed.

That’s it for now, or all I can think of anyway. I’m getting way too tired to write, so I better get some sleep. And also check out Sherlock if you haven’t already; it is fantastic. Hope you enjoyed reading this!


2 responses to “That’s a fine looking media centre…why doesn’t mine look like that!”

  1. I hate to admit it, but I’ve never actually watched Tintin. In fact, prior to watching the new film, I knew almost nothing about it at all. Perhaps one to give a go now, though.

    Sherlock’s absolutely fantastic viewing, Mr Cumberbatch certainly brings a new take to the role.

    Looking forward to the quiz, too – the last couple years have been good.

  2. It is definitely worth a watch. Herge seemed to be very fond of poison darts – everyone seems to being hit by them. I still haven’t seen the film! I did hear really good things though. We’re actually sitting down to watch a few more episodes tonight.

    I agree. Dad has always been a fan of the older ones, and I really like the books and new films, and this new interpretation is really excellent.

    It should be good fun!

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