Films and what not

I need help! I need to make a film, before I go completely insane. I had all summer and I haven’t made a film yet – all I have is hours of holiday footage, along with some other stuff. So many ideas are swirling around in my head, but it’s getting motivated to actually do something about them. Just today I had a random idea for an Inception-esque film. The idea is to stop someone smoking by planting an idea into their head, through a series of dreams (sound familiar). My GP tutor mentioned about reminding patients about quitting smoking every time you take a history from them, to get them thinking. Planting the seed of an idea that develops, and is finally carried out would be a pretty cool method of getting people to quit smoking. If they couldn’t stop thinking about it, then it might increase the success rate.

I’ve wanted to try and film in the style of Inception since it was released, because it was such an awesome movie. At this stage I would be happy to produce anything, and I have another script on standby, but there’s no ending! I can never actually write a decent ending for some reason – I’m just going to have to start writing more, and possibly work on some short stories. I also held my first talk along with dad at the camcorder club tonight on the topic of sound, and it went pretty well in general. The plan was to show a couple of videos, talk around them, then do a live audacity demonstration. The videos and the talk went well, and they even gave me a microphone (I’m apparently too quiet to hear, which I guess is pretty annoying), though the audacity demonstration wasn’t the best. I recorded one of the members speaking, then manipulated it using various effects and filters, but the resolution of the projector was a bit of a pain. Audacity kept minimizing when I was trying to get to some options which was a pain, but everyone seemed to enjoy it, and I was able to talk them through their various queries.

This is just a very short update, and I wanted to write something on the first day back to university. I’m getting back into the general way of things. That’s all for now!

Also, if you want an awesome command for a shutdown timer for your computer – allowing you to switch it off after a specified delay – here’s a command line that works perfectly:

shutdown -s -t 3600

Type it into the command prompt and hit enter and it will schedule a shutdown for an hour. Replace the number by the time in seconds you want, and hey presto, it works.

2 responses to “Films and what not”

  1. Coming up with ideas that work is, unfortunately, completely a case of keep trying and luck unfortunately – which is frustrating all too often! If you do decide to try short stories – I’m running a Writing Challenge (for short stories) starting tomorrow, if you’re interested!

  2. I really need to get writing something! I always try to get something into your challenge but never manage to get it finished in time…or at all.

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