Easter is over, and now a slight haitus

Gonna paint that wagon!

My Easter has been all over the place this year, even though I’ve managed to stay within the confines of this little country. I’ve been back and forward from Belfast for driving lessons, my test, revision, and meeting up with friends (and Northern Ireland Fencing, of course). I’ve also been doing a spot of fence painting, though not nearly enough it seems, because of other commitments. My first instinct is to blame the weather – what on earth is going on these days?! First sunny, then hail, then rain, then thunderstorms. It’s impossible to plan anything with weather like this.

I had a rather severe shock this week when I realised a significant amount of my money is gone, mainly due to learning to drive, and also random purchases. A sword here, a suit there, and a smattering of computer components. As always, I’m looking for new business if anyone needs a computer fixing. My motivation is waning, and this is going to be a very short entry.

I’m taking a brief break from writing, just whilst I’m working towards the exams in mid-May. There’s a lot going on, and I can’t really think straight enough at the moment.

One response to “Easter is over, and now a slight haitus”

  1. Cars suck up money even after you’ve learnt to drive them, sadly. About 60-70% of my money goes into my car haha.

    Hope motivations comes back soon — although I know the feeling, I’ve no motivation at all to get on with some things I really need to finish soon!

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