A Stranger, in many ways

Again, I’ve been falling behind. I will say that I’ll have a proper post up at the weekend, as right now there’s too much going on to write really – my mind is focused on arthritis! If you didn’t already know, I’m on placement up in Altnagelvin hospital in Derry (I’m using it for convenience, not taking a political stand) for musculoskeletal medicine. So far things are good, though I haven’t done a whole lot yet, and it is highlighting how much I still have to learn. Everything is different, and there is a lot of emphasis on self-directed/organised learning with some didactic teaching. Hopefully I will get into theatre soon, and I’m yet to pick out a case to write up as there has not been a lot going on in the day ward aside from people coming in for routine treatment injections. Money is rapidly flowing out of my bank account for textbooks and other expenses, so if anyone has any computer repair work on the go, I’ll take on anything. My rates are fair, depending on how much I like you.

Here’s a fragment of a post I started a while back, which isn’t strictly relevant now, but may update you on my situation.

“Why the title, you may ask? Well it was fairly simple, but now has a double-barrelled meaning. I’ve been a stranger on my own blog for the last while, and up until then, things had been very technologically oriented. Some may say it was silicon saturated, but I’m trying to balance it out again. The second reason for the title; there’s a lot going on at home recently, as my brother and his wife are visiting, and tomorrow the in laws arrive. In order to fit everyone in, I’ve had to forfeit my room. A stranger in my own house, I’ve setup camp in my brother’s room initially, but now I’ve been moved to the living room.

Writing has been a bit of a chore recently, and confined to the essay, but now that everything has been handed in things are slightly quieter. My presentation is over too now, and I barely made it through the trolling of one particular white-haired neurologist.”

I was in Donegal with everyone (Keith, Joanna, and her family and of course, my family) last weekend which was fun, and most of them are over visiting Edinburgh for a few days. As for me, the real work begins from now…

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