I’m sorry, Niall. I’m so, so, sorry…

I got some flak for not having my regular post on Friday, and all I can say is that things have been incredibly busy the last month! Even last weekend I had visitors staying, which was really cool, but kinda left me no time whatsoever to think about writing. I didn’t even manage to get the work done that I needed to do. But that’s life at the end of the day, and things will be busy again this week. I still am yet to post over at the QUB Sci-Fi and Fantasy blog, but that will come when my mind isn’t completely filled with either joints or blood (as a result of studying musculoskeletal medicine and haematology, not because I have some horrible disease, hopefully). What I did come across is an old video of musician and all round cool guy Frank Zappa standing up to advocates of censorship of music lyrics and videos. Right on!

I should have at least one post this weekend, but probably not until then, so don’t hold your breath.

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