So this is Christmas…2013

This year has been a mixed one as far as writing is concerned. It feels as though I haven’t had the same time, though in reality, I haven’t made the time that I would have before. There has been lots of other fun stuff going on,  but the blog has fallen behind somewhat. Add to that the fact I didn’t really play very many games until the latter half of the year, and you can see why things may have fallen by the wayside. I should have had more time to write over these last few days, but I have been given a great task. Perhaps the ultimate honour in my household. I am responsible for the outcome of Christmas dinner this year, which is a tad daunting. It will be a fairly normal spread, with a few tweaks. The turkey will be taking a bath in some very fragrant brine tomorrow evening, in preparation for the day, and I will also be starting off cooking the ham in cider tomorrow. I’m trying to do as much preparation as possible now, making all the sauces and desserts in advance, including the raspberry white chocolate trifle. The excitement is starting to build, but at the same time, I’m rather weary too. I’m still up writing and it’s after 1 am! I did only start baking at 10 pm, which was a bad mistake, but at least the shortbread is made and the sourdough is rising for tomorrow’s loaf. Christmas isn’t easy, but if everything works out, it should be a pretty amazing meal. If only the weather was a bit more seasonal too – gale force winds and heavy rain were not what Irving Berlin had in mind when he was writing “White Christmas”. There will be more tomorrow, if I get round to writing, but I shall head to bed for now. There’s ever so much to do…

The competition...the previous two years I made a lemon curd trifle
The competition…the previous two years I made a lemon curd trifle

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