The Year in Review (Not my year, but a year according to WordPress)

Yes, a new year is upon us, and we must painstakingly change all the tiles in the terrible fixed calendar; a calendar that is so useless, I might add, that it requires another calendar to be correctly set. The big news here is a “three” changing to a “four”, haunting those completing important forms at the start of the year. Make sure to have some Tippex or Liquid Paper (liquid lies if you ask me) handy. Writing has been largely an academic pursuit for me as of late, though I intend to remedy the situation as soon as I can drum up some motivation. I received Stephen King’s “On Writing” from a friend for Christmas (or my birthday, it wasn’t quite clear), and it has got me excited again; but do not get too excited, dear readers, as I am cutting this post short. For now, here’s a robot generated report about my year in blogging.

I wish...
I wish…

4 responses to “The Year in Review (Not my year, but a year according to WordPress)”

  1. On Writing is a great read, with some really useful insight. One idea I particularly liked was ‘Write with the door open, edit with the door closed’.

    Also, I liked the Infographic!

    1. My problem is making the time to sit down and write, and having the time to read too.

      Thanks – it was a quieter year for traffic, but I didn’t write as much. I still can’t figure out how I posted every day back when I started the blog.

  2. Hopefully you enjoy the book. I haven’t done any writing in ages now – I seem to have a real issue drumming up any sort of ideas that are simply not terrible.

    1. I have an issue drumming up any ideas, let alone terrible ones! I think it is a lot down to luck – ideas just seem to appear at the strangest of times.

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