It’s Business Time (And June)

The end of exams may be drawing close for some, but my ordeal has only just begun. This summer is going to be spent doing labwork and writing my thesis, which I shall be trying to finish up as quickly as possible. This year has been good, but it has also been much busier than I initially expected, and I am just about ready to get back into the medical world. Not that I had ever really left in spirit. Recently I’ve been spending time trying to get my business up and going, selling coin rings and potentially other handmade jewelry on Etsy – Newforge Rings. I’ve only started out and it’s trickier than I had imagined. A lot goes into selling things you produce yourself, and it’s important to factor in material cost, time, and skill required into the final price. I have always had aspirations to open a business of some sort, but this is my first determined attempt to do so, and it would be nice to see some results. For now, I need to work out a decent pricing strategy, and stock the shop with a few different kinds of items. Cutlery made into rings, and charms made from coins are another potential product, but how far I expand depends on the demand. This is where you come in, dear reader. I need a hand getting the word out, so if you could tell a few people or post up about my Etsy shop I would be eternally grateful. I’ll be happy if I break even, and am able to pay for the equipment, though it would be fantastic to be able to pursue my hobby further.

Just a few of the coin rings I
Just a few of the coin rings I’ve made so far

Newforge Rings will be getting another video in the near future, and hopefully a story explaining how I do things, and my awesome workshop so watch out for that! We made one video about making hammered coin rings, it’s on my Vimeo page, and detailed in a previous post.

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