Merry (almost) Christmas!

The big day is almost upon us and I am starting to get excited. Today featured an intense burst of cooking, including cranberry and apple sauces, honey mustard ham, and the charlotte royale! And continuing on from last year’s tradition, I am brining the turkey overnight to add flavour and moisture to the bird. Any time spent out of the kitchen involved room cleaning. Things had gotten so out of hand as I hadn’t slept in the room for months and kept adding to the already considerable number of contents. It quickly became a glorified storage room, lacking in a decent organisational system. Things are better now after a number of hours work, but it left me little spare time to get into the Christmas spirit. I haven’t even had a chance to play any games over the last few days. The lull following Christmas day should give me a chance to get caught up on all things video gaming, and I am going to attempt Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance tomorrow. It should be interesting as I remember finding the sword cutting system tricky to manage in the demo. I am patiently waiting for the price of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes to drop significantly because, at the present time, I cannot justify it given the limitations of gameplay. It is a glorified tech demo and should have been provided at a price reflecting the short length of the game. For now, I shall get to bed and get some sleep before the main event. Merry Christmas everyone!

Shhh...turkey is having a bath
Shhh…turkey is having a bath

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