Newforge Rings and Tendon Springs

There I was after a marathon three and a half hours of ring making, casually washing a chopping board, when my thumb decided to try and kill me. Perhaps a tad dramatic, but it was somewhat terrifying, feeling your thumb snap closed beyond your control. I dropped the board and attempted to straighten it again. It straightened, reluctantly, but then bam! It happened again. And again. One good thing about studying medicine (and sometimes a curse) is the ability to recognise signs of conditions when they happen to you. This sign was classic “triggering” of my left thumb, and though it was interesting to feel it first hand (no pun intended, and besides, it would have been terrible), I’m not welcoming it with open arms. It’s most likely due to overuse, and the repetitive strain of hammering for several hours. The silver dollar ring is finally complete though, after five hours of hard work. The question is, was it worth it? Is this a hobby I wish to continue? I love putting the finishing touches on rings and seeing the end product, but the process can be rather arduous and even painful. My current workshop is not equipped for volume and I don’t think I could continue at the same rate without upgrading my tools. I have reinvested most of my profits into tools and supplies, but this is another level again. To China! (Or the next best thing – Alibaba).


Next week is my last in Altnagelvin for the time being. Finally, I will be back in Belfast…for a week. After that, I will be hidden away in Downpatrick for psychiatry. Wish me luck! At least there will be plenty of time for gaming. Cart Life is my newest acquisition – a simulation game centred around different cart vendors, and available for free here. I haven’t had a chance to get into it properly as of yet, but it seems like an interesting style of game.


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