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The presentation of my posts has changed quite a bit over time. I used to keep the pictures inline with text, which now looks fairly awful, and I moved to a much more minimalist theme. I do enjoy looking back over the archive from time to time and seeing how far I’ve come.

Ordinary Decent Gamer

This week has been pretty busy. I moved into my new place in Belfast properly on Tuesday night, and my time has been spent getting stuff organised for living there and the start of my university year. There’s a year of hard work ahead of me, but also a year of fun and some good games too. A new house, and with it new awesome broadband! No longer shall I have to wait excessive amounts of time to stream videos! Aside from that, I’m still playing Deus Ex, both original and HR, and hopefully I can start Invisible War soon. The first game varies in quality quite significantly. The story itself is the enjoyable part, but the combat falls down at times is the most dated of the gameplay mechanics (aside from the obvious graphics). It just feels unnatural, and very clunky, and it’s hard to believe it could be…

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