A wild Seamus appeared!


My loyal readers often ask me; “Hey Moron why do you write this stuff“. They don’t really, this is my first post and I have no readers. But I will answer that question anyway.

Hello there, my name is Deoxymoron (are pseudonyms still in? If not, just call me Seamus, everyone else does, except my primary school teachers who had great difficulty pronouncing my name). I will be one of your friendly neighbourhood sometimes guest contributors here at Ordinary Decent Gamer. I have admired Adam’s commitment to writing for some time and more recently, have been enjoying watching his new youtube series (with a bowl of ramen of course). So when he offered to host the odd piece for me after I expressed a desire to write more of course I jumped at the chance.

Or you could say I accepted the mission. This is an actual screengrab of our codec call discussing writing for Ordinary Decent Gamer
Or you could say I accepted the mission. This is an actual screengrab of our codec call discussing writing for Ordinary Decent Gamer

I guess the primary focus of my writing will be of a sciencey nature, from hot topics doing the rounds in the media to interesting things I feel like learning more about and sharing. But saying that, I am a walking stereotype and I do have an interest in much of the things associated with being a nerd. So in addition to some science don’t be too surprised to find articles about the latest Marvel movie, my favourite video games (Pokémon mostly) or even whole posts about monthly comics.  You can also expect a healthy dose of sarcasm.

Who am I? I’m a 20 something Australian currently living in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I started a PhD in genetics and epigenetics in 2013 of which I am currently on the home stretch. My interests include genetics, comics, Japan, 80s music, tacos, Pokémon and craft beer. You will usually find me in the lab or in a pub reading the latest issue of X-Men.

I’m looking forward to the occasional guest spot at ODG for two reasons;

  1. To improve my overall writing. While I am fairly confident in my writing abilities, the majority of my professional writing is geared to a specialized audience laden with jargon and devoid of emotion. There is a quote attributed to Albert Einstein that goes “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough“, while I doubt old Albert actually said this, I completely agree with it. My aim is to talk about interesting topics succinctly in the hopes that my writing skills and general ability to communicate improves.
  2. Also, procrastination from doing actual work.

I look forward to sharing some thoughts and chatting with you guys in future, but I haven’t actually got a post ready to go at the moment.

So join me next time when we’ll dive into… something? I don’t know, I’m not a scientist.


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