Christmas the Second

There has been shopping. Baking. DIYing. And the Muppet Christmas Carol. It must be Christmas Eve!

Yes, we’ve reaching the big day, and though it won’t be the most momentous occasion this year (I’m looking at you, wedding!) I can’t help but love it. Christmas is my favourite time of year. Friends, family, food, drink. What more could you want? Games, of course!

The Food

Though I won’t be involved in the main meal this year, I have been doing a little bit of cooking here and there. Bacon bread twists. Gingerbread men. Chocolate Orange trifle. Something old (we used to make bacon twists at home many years ago), something new (first attempt at gingerbread, and it went pretty well), something borrowed (trifle from Jane’s Patisserie, but scaled down). The Christmas trinity. Perhaps I need something blue?

The Games

There will be a considerable amount of Red Dead Redemption 2 played tomorrow, but until then I’ve been focusing on Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Another unique title, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a third person game where you independently control two brothers who are trying to save their father by collecting water from the Tree of Life. The gameplay is simple – you move each brother, and interact with objects, characters and landscape independently. It starts off lighthearted and innocent, and gets darker as the journey progresses. I’m yet to complete it, but it has been an interesting an enjoyable experience so far.

And with that short post, I shall wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year for 2019!

2 responses to “Christmas the Second”

  1. Merry Christmas, Adam!

    It’s been a very memorable year, and your wedding – and the subsequent Bristol trip for me! – was one of my highlights. I loved Brothers when I played it a few years ago. A cool little game in which the gameplay for each scenario felt reasonably unique.

    — Aaron

    1. Merry Christmas to you too, Aaron! I’m glad you enjoyed the wedding. Bristol is a nice spot. It was great – just finished it – but quite heart wrenching.

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