Ordinary Decent…Ads?

First off, it’s time to clear something up. I do not earn anything from advertisements on this site. I wasn’t even aware of ads showing up on the site until a friend pointed them out. While I’m logged in as an administrator of the blog, I’m spared from the advertisements.

I have no idea what sort of content it has been showing you, but last I checked there were ads about WordPress monetisation (ironic…) when I viewed the blog from a different computer.

On the advertisement note, I’ve finally made the decision to pay to have the ads removed for two years. I dislike in-your-face advertisements on websites, so I could hardly hold you to a different standard. The only marketing will be some absolutely shameless self-promotion. Look out for a Japan 2019 primer, and maybe even an update about the latest video.

For now, enjoy this cake I made, that is most certainly not a lie

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