(re) Exploring Plymouth

It’s a Saturday, so how better to spend the day than getting up at the crack of dawn to get your car serviced and MOT’d.

A rocket (?) marking the South West Coastal Path

Yes, it was an early start today thanks to a general lack of choice in appointment times, but I shall not squander the opportunity to get out of the house and into the heart of Plymouth.

My journey started at the uninspiring Faraday Mill Business Park. This part of Plymouth is rough and industrialised, but a stone’s throw away you’ve got the coast. There’s a real clash between old and new. Ancient and modern. Stone walls and oil tanks. The South West Coastal Path was a few minutes away, and having never walked the route, I headed that direction briefly.

The view out to Mount Batten tower

Having taken a mental note of the path, I headed back towards the Barbican past the aquarium. There were a few folks out getting coffee but the area was otherwise fairly quiet. Not surprising as it was just past nine o’clock at this point. The last time I was in the Barbican was October. Time flies when you’re moving to a new house and living through the first full blown pandemic in decades.

Port hole along the coastal path

My route brought me past Jacka Bakery which was queued up the path already. I’m guilty of not knowing the place I live very well. Jacka Bakery is the oldest commercial bakery in the UK, and from the photos online the food looks fantastic. Another place to visit next time we’re in the Barbican.

This time I opted for the Mad Merchant coffee shop which I visited on a previous trip to Plymouth. The garden out the back is a pleasant place to sit and have a coffee, or in my case, brunch. I had the sourdough smash, which was sourdough toast served with avocado smash, hummus and a side of olives. Alongside that, I had a dalgona coffee. For the uninitiated, dalgona is whipped instant coffee which is served on top of milk and is quite the craze of the moment. After this experience, and making it at home, I’m not sold. It’s okay but feels like a gimmick and isn’t worth the hassle. Having said that, it looks rather nice.

When I’m not wandering around Plymouth, I can be found playing Horizon Zero Dawn and Until Dawn. Why the dawn theme? Who knows. It just sort of happened. More on that later. For now, it’s almost time to pick up the car.

Stay safe, folks.

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