You’ve got to pretend you’re David Bowie singing that all famous line.

You will (hopefully) have noticed some changes to the blog. As much as I enjoyed the old theme, it was feeling more and more outdated and cramped and I needed a change. Things have stalled a little with my writing with at most one post a month. I have no idea how I churned out so much and still had more to talk about when I first started the blog. I’m probably doing more now than ever before, yet as a consequence of that I have less time to dedicate to the craft. I also picked up the dreadful habit of starting a piece of writing and leaving it part way through, losing whatever flow I had and making it next to impossible to finish when I finally sat down at the computer again.

The Ordinary Decent Refresh

I’ve picked a relatively simple theme to try and focus on the writing. My homepage was reasonably crowded in the last iteration of the blog and this time I wanted cleaner lines and less to distract attention away from the core content. Insert some more internet buzzwords here. I’m sure I could talk about SEO and keywords, although that would lead to a sharp decline in my already limited readership. Any who, enjoy this picture of a loaf I made.

Look at this guy, just loafing around. You get a job!

In a sort of pretentious way, I’d like the site to be more like this home-baked farmhouse white cob loaf. Simple lines, with a certain unique flair, with delicious fresh content. Now slice that content and spread it with some fresh butter and you’ve got yourself a website…I think? I may be getting lost in this baking metaphor, but at the crux of it I just want to make the site a bit more accessible and nicer looking.

Speaking of nice looking, check out these square croissant-donuts (not technically cronuts as that’s still trademarked as far as I’m aware) that we picked up in the Rise Bakery in Plymouth.

What was I talking about? Oh yes, maybe I should focus my efforts on opening a bakery rather than writing. It would certainly be a delicious way to spent a lot of time and lose a lot of money, but perhaps not the most practical idea. I’ll stick to baking bread for now, and writing vague and incomprehensible posts about stylistic choices.

I promise I’ll go back to talking about less insane things….unless you prefer this.

2 responses to “Ch-ch-ch-ch-Alterations”

  1. I like the new theme. It renders better on a mobile, too. Hope you’re keeping well and fatherhood isn’t tiring you out too much.

    1. Thanks Aaron. It had been on my “to fix” list for a long time but I haven’t been giving the blog enough attention. I’m generally well, just trying to survive in the run up to a big exam. Hope all is well with you.

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