Rampant Inflation (in the Garden)

The economy may be in decline, but our garden is exploding! This will be a short one, with a longer post to follow.

Raised bed number one

The raised beds are completely bursting with life. The lone survivor courgette plant has started to produce delicious fruit, and is determined to take over the whole area. The pea plants have yielded plenty of produce too.

The VanMoof family in the garden

The past weekend brought a brief trip to Belfast with some excellent food and drink, and packed with crowds for Pride. I am hoping to get back to Northern Ireland for a longer trip as I have been missing it, and this was the first time since August 2019.

The Dumpling Library in Belfast

The work in our home office is plodding along slowly. I’ve managed to (sort of) plaster the wall, so the next step is to get the rest of the wallpaper stripped and walls painted. Then it will be a matter of getting the shelves and desk built.

Looking rough at the moment, but it’s getting there.

2 responses to “Rampant Inflation (in the Garden)”

  1. Great you are getting to enjoy your fresh garden produce Adam. Hard to beat the satisfaction of producing your own food and picking it fresh from the garden. Definitely worth the effort.

    1. It most certainly is! Next year I’m hoping to get started earlier, and I may even have help from Evie.

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