Spooky Films, and London Town

Last weekend was a busy one filled with writing, shooting and editing the Newforge Studios 2022 halloween film, Desperation. And now we’re up in London for another exam and a trip to Seoul.

Working with children can be challenging. This one, however, was a dream.

We try to put together a film for halloween, we’ve been pretty successful other than the odd year missed. This year Evie was ill all weekend but managed to soldier through and still carry a starring role.

In case you’re wondering about the previous years releases, I have put together a list of links. Our style has always been a mix of sort-of scary and funny/parody. Most of the stories end up being put together in a desperate scramble at the last minute, although I have been more organised the last few years and as a minimum I write a script and shotlist. Going out into a field with a camera and no concrete ideas worked on a few occasions, but there’s a reason scripts were invented.

Here’s the list of Newforge Studios halloween releases:

2022 – Desperation (Premieres 28th October)

2021 – The Gourdening

2020 – Horsham Horror

2018 – Lawn of the Dead

2017 – Sharp End

2016 – Wake Up

2015 – The Hills Have Arms

2014 – Slasher Flick

2013 – Gratuitous Violence (Not strictly Halloween, but still fun)

2012 – Halloween 2012

2010 – The Asylum

We made a few horror shorts in the early days which are hidden away in the deep recesses of old hard drives, but might once again see the light of day if I find them. Barns and abandoned houses were featured aplenty.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Calum McCormick who has gone out of his way to score many of the Newforge Studios productions. The films he has been involved with have been our best efforts, and if you like the music you’re hearing you should check out his SoundCloud. If you need music for an art or commercial project, get in touch with him as he produces truly excellent stuff.

London’s Calling

We’re on our way to Seoul, and on the way we’ve stopped off in London so I can take the second part of the CHAT exam (certificate of higher autopsy training). Getting here was a little bit of an ordeal with a sick toddler in tow, but all is well now.

Oh yes, there will be museums…

Short Film Recommendation

I’ll keep this brief as I need to get to sleep. Uncut Gems is an excellent film with a career-best performance from Adam Sandler. It’s intense, hectic, and painful in places, but a fantastic show all the same. Go watch it.

The Rear Window-esque view from our Premier Inn in Aldgate, Whitechapel

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