Pumped Out – Further Delays

The title not only refers to this delayed post but another setback in the British Gas air source heat pump saga.

The workshop was cleared out. The walls stripped. The shed re-organised. The tent pitched and ready accomodate a good proportion of the contents of the house. What could go wrong?

It was too good to be true. I was promised the installation could be carried out on a bank holiday week in four days rather than the typical five. Would that mean longer days? Fewer breaks? More efficient practices? Turns out it just meant a cancellation on the Thursday before. We’ve been constantly re-organising our lives around this so far disastrous installation attempt, and the conservatory has been half filled with radiators and water tanks since February.

At least the weather has been excellent. I spent one evening sitting out writing with a negroni sbagliato (the gin swapped out for prosecco) basking in the last rays of sun. And it was so pleasant that I slept out in the tent last night, although the yoga mats didn’t quite make for a luxury experience.

A negroni sbagliato in the sun

Garden Challenges

This year, much like the last one, has not be the smoothest as far as gardening goes. The spring has been particularly wet (bar the last week or two) and cold which is a perfect combination for slow growth and the proliferation of slugs. Google Photos takes every chance to taunt me with photos of the green paradise of 2020, rather than the current weedy affair in the raised beds. The plants I started inside have had variable success, and most of the ones I bought from Plants Galore have been eaten. Another trip to the garden centre may be required.

Travel Plans

The next few months will be busy. I’m heading to Romania in a couple of weeks for a course and another week after that I’ll be in Liverpool for a conference. We’ve got a few trips planned for July within England as well.

A short post, but I’ll be back if I have an update regarding heat pump negotiations. It’s time to either drop British Gas and move on to Octopus Energy, or see if British Gas will price match the quote from Octopus.

2 responses to “Pumped Out – Further Delays”

  1. I’d push the price match. The inconvenience alone is worth a discount.

    1. I’m definitely pursuing that. I’ve put the ball back in their court so we’ll see what they say.

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