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  • Elden Ring or “How to die with style”

    Elden Ring or “How to die with style”

    It compels me. Not the pursuit of the Elden shards, but the game itself… It is time for Elden Ring. I’m only three months late, but this game taken the world by storm and there’s no shortage of coverage this long after launch. It’s an incredibly expansive and compelling adventure of your own making. Want […]

  • Escape to Sicily (Parte Seconda)

    Escape to Sicily (Parte Seconda)

    This post is part two in a series about Sicily. Part one can be found here. I’m back with more things you can do in Sicily (or more specifically, Taormina and the surrounding area.) Play tour guide to unsuspecting visitors Be sure to pay close attention to information plaques as you never know when you […]

  • Escape to Sicily (Not quite…)

    Escape to Sicily (Not quite…)

    This will be a short one. I’ve run out of time today but will be back over the weekend for the real part two Sicily post. Ah, Sicily. It has only been a week since we were there, and I’m already missing it. To recreate a little of the holiday, I made rigatoni alla Norma […]

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  • Ch-ch-ch-ch-Alterations

    The blog has been undergoing some changes recently, vaguely hinted at in this block of text.

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  • Izakaya By Name…

    …izakaya by nature. It’s a mini travel blog incorporating all of your favourite things: food, Japan and impulse buying! Don’t worry though, I have been playing more Hollow Knight, Mortal Shell (where you control a different kind of hollow knight), and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Fewer games have been played in the run up to the […]

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    Izakaya By Name…
  • Saws, Storms and Stills

    A lot can happen in a month, and yet in the blink of an eye it’s over. Pretentious and shallow statement, yes, but nevertheless it is true. We’re well into February and my exam is creeping ever closer. Does that mean all my time has been consumed by preparation? Thankfully, no. I have had a […]

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    Saws, Storms and Stills
  • Panettone Redux

    Time really does seem to fly in this weird early part of the year. We’ve settled back into work and our usual routines of getting up far too early without neglecting the enjoyable parts of life entirely. Shadow of War…dor? After many hours our time in Shadow of War is drawing to a close. There […]

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    Panettone Redux