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  • Striking Gold (and Strike Two)

    Negotiations over Pay Restoration for Junior Doctors have stalled, and it looks like we’re heading rapidly towards a second strike. Meanwhile I’ve been out and about in Cornwall, and working on the doors. Cornwall Gold and Tolgus Mill This week’s Monday adventure with Evie was down and around Truro, starting at Cornwall Gold. Located just…

  • Fire Extinguisher in the Alcove?

    Happy Saint Patrick’s Eve! You thought you’d experienced all the shelves you could handle last week? Think again! It’s time to explore the alcoves. (But not the ones in Koningin Astrid Park…) The Alcoves Last week I put up the shelves for the glassware to replace the dresser which has gone to a new home.…

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  • Lofty Ideals (or Ideal Lofts?)

    The “I finally got round to insulating the loft” edition. The previous owners of our house did a wonderful job making the downstairs look nice, but corners were cut elsewhere and basic jobs that should have been tackled early were ignored. Energy prices are officially insane, and having a weedy 100mm of compressed wool insulation…

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  • In Search of Seoul, Part 4 – Café Culture

    Cafés are everywhere in Seoul, so this time we’re talking about café culture in the capital. A Twosome Place It’s an excellent and preposterous name in equal measures, and a reference to “A cup of coffee, Two of us, Some dessert, Place”. I didn’t say it was a particularly good reference, but it certainly is…

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  • Spooky Times at Newforge High

    We were away in South Korea over the Halloween period so I didn’t end up putting together the customary “making of” post. Halloween has been and gone, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy spooky things. If you haven’t already seen it, check out this year’s Newforge Studios horror flick, Desperation. Having the office…

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  • In Search of Seoul, Part 3 – The Outside

    Although we spent most of our time around Seoul and Seongnam, we did venture out and explore more of the countryside and mountains. Who knew there was anything to do outside of Seoul? The capital is where everyone wants to be, evidenced by the absurdly high population density and endless rows of imposing apartment blocks.…

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