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  • Almost There (Ordinary Decent Office)

    I haven’t been feeling well and have run out of time this evening so this will be a quick update with a more in depth post later. My thumb survived at least. Almost There The office project is nearing completion. It has been over a year since I demolished those terrible bookcases in anger, and […]

  • Between a Saw and a Hard Place (Ordinary Decent Office)

    Not somewhere you’d like to be, as I found out to my detriment, and testament to taking your time and doing a job right the first time. You won’t be overly surprised to hear there’s more DIY in this post. The work on the office continues in earnest. I left off the last episode with […]

  • Ordinary Decent Shelving

    The office saga continues… I spent much too long poking around in the ceiling this week. Enough time to warrant buying an endoscope to see what the hell was going on. Picking up from where we left off last week, I was working on the network aspect of the office project. WiFi is fine, but […]

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  • The end of the summer holiday is nigh!

    Summer really has gone by quickly, even though it was the longest I’ve been away from school. Almost four months! The main reason I haven’t posted in a few days is that I’m still buried in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The game just gets more and more engrossing, and there are so many different ways […]

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  • Feedback and comments happily received!

    Hello again, just a short post here whilst I’m watching classic Batman on ITV4 (same bat time, same bat channel!). Feel free to comment, or leave feedback or anything! The only way I can improve my blog is from hearing from you guys, and any suggestions are very welcome. Tell me what you want to […]

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  • Deus Ex, and other things

    I’m on the road again, only for a short time though. My technological trio is with me – phone, ereader and HPC (which I’m using to type this). I’ve been away from the laptop for a while, working on my Xbox project which has now been aborted due to various reasons, mainly the loss of […]

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  • Flash games you should be playing

    Flash games are definitely worth talking about, as there are some real gems out there. Not only are they free, but often also awesome. This post is going to be a short one to give you more time to play the actual games. If you are looking to discover some excellent ones, get on stumbleupon! […]

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