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  • Portland(ia)


    We were a tad busy and I didn’t get round to much writing in the last few days of the holiday. Portland I’m biased. I really enjoy the city of Portland. It has problems that need addressed in a constructive way including homelessness and rough sleeping (although it doesn’t rank close to some of the […]

  • Leaving Whidbey

    Leaving Whidbey

    Yes, this time I’m writing in Salem, Oregon after a fun filled week and a bit. We made the journey down from Whidbey Island last Thursday stopping at a few places along the way. Port Townsend From Whidbey Island we got the ferry across to Port Townsend. Ordinarily this would have been less dramatic, but […]

  • Whidbey, An American Dream

    Whidbey, An American Dream

    Sitting with a cup of coffee with half and half looking out over the Saratoga passage, there’s no better place to be. Whidbey Island is located a few hours up from Seattle in Washington state. It’s an idyllic forest haven mostly populated with retirees and holiday homes, with a few towns scattered along it’s length. […]

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  • The last day

    Things have been crazy here and I haven’t been able to post up anything about the last day of gamescom. I got back from Germany on Monday night, then was at Tennent’s Vital all day yesterday so this is the first time I’ve had to write. And I’m heading to Edinburgh tomorrow! Things really are […]

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  • Gamescom…closed?

    Saturday was definitely an interesting day. Not much in the way of actual gaming went on, but the games I did get to play/see were big ones. It was also my first experience of being there at the very start for the insane opening rush. We arrived at Koelnmesse over an hour before opening and […]

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  • Sorry!

    Hello hello, Sorry for my lack of posts recently but internet kept going down at the camp. I’ll have a proper post tomorrow 🙂

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  • Day 2…Flooded

    So this morning didn’t exactly have the best start, after sleeping on the floor of the hall of the Jugendhaus (youth centre) and being woken constantly. Our tent still stands thankfully, and should last till the end of the camp. The rain didn’t seem to stop anyone from heading to gamescom today, so the lines […]

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