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  • Spooky Times at Newforge High

    We were away in South Korea over the Halloween period so I didn’t end up putting together the customary “making of” post. Halloween has been and gone, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy spooky things. If you haven’t already seen it, check out this year’s Newforge Studios horror flick, Desperation. Having the office […]

  • In Search of Seoul, Part 3 – The Outside

    Although we spent most of our time around Seoul and Seongnam, we did venture out and explore more of the countryside and mountains. Who knew there was anything to do outside of Seoul? The capital is where everyone wants to be, evidenced by the absurdly high population density and endless rows of imposing apartment blocks. […]

  • In Search of Seoul, Part 2 – Westernisation

    The clock struck 4am, and I was out of bed. There was no way I was getting back to sleep; my body was still in another timezone. I got up, tidied the kitchen, baked a loaf of bread, and had breakfast. This was going to be a strange week. Yes, jet lag is a bitch. […]

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  • Sorry for the lack of any post!

    Sorry, but I was sidetracked with work this weekend. I’ve got an assignment (practical report) and some other stuff I’m trying to get done so unfortunately I was unable to post. I will post again as soon as this stuff is done! For now, go enjoy yourself. Play Skyrim, or perhaps indulge in a nostalgic […]

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  • The Skyrim edition (Skydition!)

    The following entry was painstakingly written over two nights, the first part being rather brief, but it’ll still act as my intro. Previously on Friday (the typical recap sequence) : The title is pretty self explanatory. Alan brought Skyrim home, and I just thought I would play for half an hour to get a flavour […]

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  • Love the night, but hate the rain!

    I’m sitting here, back at home after getting soaked walking around Belfast. My ‘waterproof’ coat was completely saturated 10 minutes into a 30 minute walk to the Europa. The title may seem weird, but also familiar to those who have played Vampire Rain – the game with some of the dodgiest voice acting ever. Have […]

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  • Halloween, and more

    It has been another busy week, and I’d like to say I didn’t post last night because I was working, but really I was just playing the new Deus Ex DLC – The Missing Link. Halloween was on Monday of course, and strangely didn’t feel as “Halloweeny” thanks to the medic Halloween party being last […]

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