Midweek Update!

Shock horror! A midweek update. I’m still sorting out this posting frequency deal, so bear with me.

Monday was equipment night at the camera club, which is usually a display of the same cameras every year, but this time was different. Some of the older generation have now made the transition from miniDV tape to flash memory. For all the problems they are having, it sounds like SD cards are the devil. There wasn’t much talk of positives; just talk of corrupt memory cards, stuttering recordings and every other issue possible. But seriously, club nights are pretty fun, and some of the stuff the guys come out with is hilarious. Nipple covers were mentioned – don’t ask me why, apparently in relation to some prospective invention. I was also given a stethoscope by a very kind member; my second so far. Hopefully the looming competition deadline will get me making some videos, but I’ll see how it goes. Any ideas are very welcome.

In case you were wondering, this is an épée

Once I got the graphics sorted for the Gotham City Impostors beta, it was pretty good. There’s only the one gametype in this build, but it’s decent. An objective based map, though the real focus is on killing each other in variety of interesting ways. The gadgets are pretty cool, though I mainly used the grappling hook (very awesome, making previously inaccessible location accessible). It’s definitely going to be worth waiting for, though I would be hard pressed to choose between the PC and Xbox 360 versions (I played the latter at Gamescom 2011).

Fencing was also pretty good last night: two wins, and one major loss -my épée broke. The last six inches of the blade snapped clean off, and despite winning the match, I’m not sure it was worth it in the end. Now I’m on the hunt for a new sword now…

4 responses to “Midweek Update!”

  1. Oh dear, must have been one hell of a fight for your sword to break like that, hope you find a new one. I doubt I could afford the sport, I’d be breaking the damn thing all the time 😛

  2. It was a pretty good, but it broke quite near the start :/ It wasn’t too expensive though, so not the biggest loss at least. You should come at least once! There really is nothing quite like it…

  3. The club here at Coleraine tried to get me to join with the promise of “being able to jab at people” — it looks damned tricky though…

  4. You should try it! It’s not too hard to get into really, and very fun. You don’t often get to run at someone with a sword 😛

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