To Nerdtopia, and beyond!

Breaking Bad
Walt in Breaking Bad

The midweek update thing may not have been the best idea in the world, as it has upset my posting by more than a week, but I’m working on it! This week has been pretty intense, and I’ve been working on a few presentations and other projects; not to mention keeping up my Breaking Bad addiction. It’s a fantastic show if you haven’t gotten round to watching it yet. I’ve been trying to avoid gaming until I get some work done, and I may have to concentrate on work at the weekend, so all in all I’m being a bit boring.

Fencing was pretty good this week, though my skill level is waivering lately. I need more practice, but I fear there isn’t enough time. My first competition of the semester is on Sunday, up in Foyle college in Londonderry/Derry (Just being diplomatic). It’s a long hike, but hopefully it won’t be a total loss. The competition’s going to be tough enough, and my sword loss didn’t come at an ideal time, but I’m praying for a nice poule to get me started. Swordpricefighters will be getting a few emails about their shoddy sword! I only used it a handful of times, so it was quite a disappointment.


I was at QUB Sci-Fi club again this week, which was pretty fun. If you’re studying at QUB, or just in Belfast, call in on Wednesday nights, 6-10pm for some sci-fi related fun. It’s on in the union, club rooms 3+4 for the foreseeable future. I feel like my sci-fi knowledge is lacking years behind, but catching up isn’t going to be easy. There are so many good books, and TV shows and movies I still have to see! If only there wasn’t so much work for medicine… They have some awesome comics too, and the collection was recently added to by a generous donation from Nerdtopia in Stranmillis. I spent the evening at Nerdtopia yesterday, and it was awesome. The combination of a café and fantasy gaming store is excellent, and we spent the time playing a card game (of name I cannot remember) and needless to say I was beaten! But it was good fun, and the hot chocolate was also pretty great. I only wish I went sooner. They’re on facebook if you want to take a look here, but it’s definitely worth calling in.

I”m back home now, and the cats have been taking over the house in my absence. Dexter and the other kittens have been growing so quickly, and they now occupy an entire settee! That’s pretty much it for now, and I’ll try to keep the updates a bit more regular if I can help it.

4 responses to “To Nerdtopia, and beyond!”

  1. You’ve just got to hate it when your sword breaks! I wish we had a Sci-Fi club in Coleraine … mainstream TV is surprisingly void of Sci-Fi to watch :S

  2. Indeed! That sucks, but I know what you mean. Where’s Star Trek gone? And there never seems to be any other Sci-Fi series on freeview :/

  3. I find it hard to Bryan Cranston seriously after watching so much Malcom in the middle, lol. From the clips I’ve seen of Breaking Bad ,it does look quite good and I might have to check it out if I ever find the time :P.

  4. I know what you mean, but after watching a few episodes my view of him changed completely! He’s a fantastic dramatic actor and Breaking Bad is amazing. It’s really worth checking out – it has won like 16 awards.

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