Sleeping Rough


The title really says it all. Along with some friends, I’m sleeping rough in front of Belfast city hall, all in aid of raising homelessness awareness. It’s organised by Homed Belfast, and queen’s students are out in droves to support the cause.

Let me tell you, it is pretty damn cold out here, and it makes you start to appreciate how tough sleeping rough must be. We’ve had some positive support from some member of the public, with the usual negative comments there from some others too. A few homeless people have been asking about what we’re doing too, and appreciating the effort.

I’m filming again too, doing some coverage of the event. There are several interviews involved as well, and my sister is the interviewer, as she works for Shelter NI. I’ll have more later, if I get round to it!

3 responses to “Sleeping Rough”

  1. A very good cause. It’s a disgrace that we, the sixth or seventh richest country in the world, still even have a homeless problem…

  2. I’m sure it was cold lad, but glad to see such a good cause getting some decent momentum behind it.

  3. Thanks guys, it’s a really important issue in Belfast and NI as a whole. If you’re up for it, and if it’s going to happen again next year, you should come down and add your support!

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