Settling in

Hello from Portland, Oregon! Well, we’re actually in Oregon City which isn’t that far away, and is a pretty nice area. Oregon is a very green state, and around here it feels like the houses are just planted in the middle of a massive forest. No photos as of yet, mainly because the lapdock has no SD card reader, and I haven’t taken that many yet.

I should probably start from a bit earlier back though, because I haven’t written anything since before the first flight in Dublin. The flight from Amsterdam to Portland was 10 hours! Though it was a long time, it wasn’t overly arduous thanks to my books and also the on-board entertainment. I’m always amazed at the amount of recent titles you can watch, though the difficult thing isn’t lacking in things to do, but rather not having the concentration to do them. At the beginning of the flight I was reading quite a bit and trying to avoid watching any films for as long as possible, but that didn’t quite pan out. I soon found myself watching Johnny English Reborn, which was suprisingly good and an improvement on the original. Toy Story 3 also came up which was decent too, and that was about as far as the movie watching extended.

Straight after meeting Keith and Joanna at the airport, we went for Thai food which was excellent, and the portions were very generous. I had Chicken Pad Thai, and that ended up filling me for the entire day. By this stage we had already been up for a long time, but with the difference in time zones, it was still early afternoon. The rest of the day was a mix of driving round various places in Portland collecting produce, helping sort out the animals and other errands. I started to get more of a
feeling for the amount of work that goes into growing and raising your own food/livestock. There was more work at the animals today, when we were extending their pen to give them more room to root around.

This is the most I can muster for now, but I’ll have more when I’m less tired.

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