Coming Soon! Another PC Building Issue

There’s some excitement afoot. I have been commissioned to build a computer for a friend of my dad, and the parts will hopefully arrive on Thursday. You know what that means…another PC building issue! This computer is being built completely from scratch, and will hopefully be a monster dedicated mainly to Photoshop and Lightroom. Priorities therefore are shifted towards a faster processor and lots of RAM, with the graphics card taking the back seat. I use Custom PC/bit-tech quite a lot for PC advice, as they have up to date reviews and recommendations for exactly this thing, and I worked around their budget specification to provide the best power and functionality for the budget. I will reveal the exact specs on Thursday, or whenever I get writing after assembly. I love taking delivery of components…it’s going to be like Christmas again! This is becoming somewhat of a yearly thing, and suprisingly the price of components hasn’t changed much, although the hard drives are still more expensive post-Thailand of course. I have no idea when prices will settle back down, but I feel like they should have normalised, and the current inflation is probably due to the greed of the suppliers. Much like when oil prices fluctuate up and down, yet consumers pay increasingly high rates.

It will be a couple of days before I get started, but in the mean time enjoy this awesome song from a great movie, Moonraker. Jaws is hands down the best henchman in the franchise. That guy is over seven feet tall!

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