Computer Building

I’m getting behind again, but I’m back to say that my computer building is now complete, and the system has been gratefully received by the new owner. My budget was £600, for a computer that was primarily to be used for photo editing. With the budget, and the purpose, you can get a very good idea of where the money is best concentrated – whether it be processor/RAM for encoding, graphics cards for gaming, or even large volume storage for multimedia. In this case, I thought it was best to invest in a decent processor and RAM, and an SSD to provide the fastest machine for the money. The graphics card is still discrete, but it cost much less than I initially thought. Because gaming wasn’t an issue here, there was no point investing heavily in a monster card. Having said that, the Radeon HD 6450 is not too shabby, and still can play modern games on lower/medium settings. This is just a brief update, as I’m heading off down south until Tuesday for a campervan trip. I’ll have more in depth information and photos then.

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