Ads, or ad-free: what do you think?

It was brought to my attention a while back by Aaron (who’s blog is here, if you’re interested, which you should be!) that ads were being displayed at the bottom of my blog posts. At first I didn’t believe him, as I was unable to see anything there, but when I tried from another computer, there it was…a glaring box of sort of relevant links staring me in the face. My first thought was pretty much, “This is an outrage!” because I hadn’t heard of this possibility outside of intentionally using WordAds to profit from blog traffic. So I went searching, and in actual fact they have always been present, but aren’t displayed to registered users and are used to cover the running costs of the site. In a way it is perfectly understandable that they need to cover their costs, and advertising is ultimately the way to do it, but I just wish they were a bit more up front about it.

The “not displaying ads to registered users” didn’t feel like a privilege to me; it felt like they were trying to hide the advertisements under my radar to avoid any flak or negative press. But there is another way. WordPress offers a “No ads” upgrade which carries an annual fee of a modest $30. The real question though, is it worth it? Are the advertisements really obtrusive or obnoxious enough for me to want to do anything about them? The answer: I don’t know, but I’d certainly be interested in hearing what you think! What do you reckon? What would Wordsworth say…

And yes, I’m perfectly aware that I’ve been doing a lot of very general posts lately and haven’t written anything about games in the last long while, even though this is Ordinary Decent Gamer. I’m too busy with other stuff, but I have been playing the odd bit of Resident Evil 4 on the PC, which is catastrophically badly laid out in terms of controls. I’ve also been playing a few Humble Bundle games too.

FURTHER to my post, I proclaim that on this day, the 7th of October 2012, I have received the most views in the history of my blog! Thank you, dear readers.

3 responses to “Ads, or ad-free: what do you think?”

  1. I don’t think they do any harm — although I can say this very comfortably because I no longer get them! ^_^

  2. It all depends on how you look at it I suppose. I’d rather not use my writing as a vehicle to sell things to people, but I guess that’s how it works in a society like this. Heaven forbid I would have to pay for my website 😛

  3. I’m devastated – I’m hopeless at IT and it took me ages to set up a site I want to look as clean and white as possible. I now have ads but no to low income and don’t know how to get rid of them.

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