Valentine’s, and Limerick

It was Valentine’s day on Thursday past, and though love was in the air, it also carries some less than positive connotations. On February 14th 1929, All Capone’s south side (Chicago, if you weren’t aware) gang murdered 7 north side gang members, execution style, in what became known as the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. And on that cheery note, I began.

I had a great Valentine’s day this year – went to dinner, and got baked a raspberry pie (not pi, as they aren’t oven friendly). It’s a date you don’t tend to observe or appreciate unless you’re in a relationship, but it gives you a chance to show how much your other half means to you. Not that you shouldn’t be doing that all the time, but this is just a good opportunity to go the extra mile.

You’re the best Sarah!

For now though I’m on my way to Limerick with a small group of fencers, on the way to the intervarsities. None of those fencers are in my team, but they are part of the overall QUB team. Hopefully this will be a good year for results. I should write fast before I end up out in the sticks with no discernible internet connection – I’m on Bus Eireann’s free WiFi which is pretty decent.

My week has been busy in general, and I’ve even got taking blood from a couple of patients with the hospital phlebotomist. I’m actually in taking blood at 8.30 on Monday morning, so something to look forward to when I arrive back into Belfast at some ridiculous time in the night. I just watched a guy with one hand on the wheel and the other texting…tut tut tut Dubliners. Or wherever you’re from.

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