I have been missing from these pages from some time now, but I have not forgotten. I’ve had to call an ordinary decent hiatus until the end of my exams, or until I can face work no longer. The exams in question start next Friday, and run through to the 12th of June, so not too long to go until I am free. The 12th also just happens to be when I’m going to the Game of Thrones exhibition in Titanic Belfast, which should be fun. The third season of GoT is fast drawing to a close, but it should be an eventful few episodes. After straying from the plot in the second season, the story appears to be heading in the right direction again. That being said, my memory of the books is hazy to say the least – most of them have just blended into one massive jumble of madness in my mind. And as for Star Trek: Into Darkness, go see it; it’s definitely worth it, with some fantastic acting from Benedict Cumberbatch as usual.

Did you notice the header? It is fast becoming the new thing on the blog – I’m actually changing it every so often. The dear departed Patch is featuring now until the end of my exams. On a lighter note, I got my scholarship for the MRes degree next year, so I am no longer screwed financially. Well I am, but not quite as badly as if I hadn’t got it.


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