Half way there

Welcome back again, for a long overdue post. And what a day it has been! Who knew Northern Irish weather could be quite this good. By this stage, I will have probably been out cutting grass and kayaking on the river – all of the usual fair weather activities. Another exam down too, and now only two remaining. I haven’t been as happy as I could have been so far, but they could have gone worse at the same time. This week has been taken up by practical exams, and next week will be back to good old written ones. Enough of exams!

Jay and Silent Bob
Jay and Silent Bob

On to Jay and Silent Bob. I watched Clerks and Clerks 2 for the first time this week, and I’m trying to figure out how I hadn’t seen them sooner. I quite enjoyed the films, particularly the aforementioned characters, Jay and Silent Bob, who pretty much just hang out in front of the convenience store, the setting for the first film. They are a couple of petty drug dealers, and Silent Bob, who is largely mute as the name suggests, is played by the director, Kevin Smith. Jay is played by a childhood friend of his, Jason Mewes, who is one of the strangest and most entertaining characters around, and often breaks out into inappropriate song. I’m currently watching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, so I shall have more about it later.

I’ll have more when I finish my exams next week, but until then, that’s me.

I meant to also mention that I have entered an updated version of Gratuitous Violence in the Q-Con Short Film Competition, so fingers crossed!

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