The end of exams

J’ai fini, mes amis

Silent Bob honing his use of the Force

Exams are over, and I am once again free! Free to sit and do nothing, and to enjoy my time off, though so far things have been busy enough. Sarah came back home with me for a few days, and we baked a coffee cake for mum’s birthday and father’s day, and spent most of the time generally relaxing, and watching Mallrats. Kudos to my brother Alan, for introducing me to Kevin Smith and Jay and Silent Bob. I was hoping for weather as good as last week, so we could have spent the time outside in the sun, but things went the other way. It was horrific weather, but there was enough to do inside thankfully. I’m just glad we didn’t go out cycling in it.

Now that I have time to sit and think, I would rather do something completely mindless, so I sit here playing Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on the PS3, and enjoy freedom. Until the 20th of course, when the exam results are released. Here’s hoping for good results, and no bumps along the way so I can look forward to my year of research, and a break from medicine. Well, sort of. Translational medicine is still a bit medicine-y, but it is a step back from the clinical side of things, to see if my passion lies anywhere else. And to all of you graduating this year, I wish you good luck, and say simply “rather you than me!” In my mind, I still am not ready to face the real world of work and responsibility, and aim to put it off for as long as possible. The Masters next year also works nicely towards that goal, and many others.

On the subject of games and games consoles, Microsoft and Sony have fairly recently revealed their next generation consoles, the Xbox One and PS4 respectively, to some sighs of disappointment and indifference. Appearance wise, the two are much less flashy than previous designs, and rather understated. It could be the angle the companies are going for – a box that will sit nicely in your living room and become the core of your entertainment system. And Microsoft has made it abundantly clear that the Xbox One is going to be focusing on cable TV content (fine for some, but not in this country), and entertainment, with a strong line-up of exclusive games at the same time. Who of you can say you regularly watch TV? Maybe we are an oddity here, but we haven’t watched TV since Christmas, and nothing has been missed. With the various on demand content providers and decent internet speed, we can watch whatever we want, when we want, and with minimal advertisements and filler. And in my house in Belfast, our Freeview box has been broken and we have been without TV for the year, and again, haven’t missed it. Also, does anyone else see the problem with the name? It just makes me think of the original Xbox, not a high-tech new

Comparison of the next generation
Comparison of the next generation

A big concern for many gamers has been the used game market for the next generation consoles. The Xbox One allows you to play games without the disc in the drive (finally a blu-ray drive too), but each game copy is unique to one user, and can only be registered to one account. That means no more lending or borrowing games from friends, though you can play at a friend’s house if you sign into your account, and if you want to sell on a used game there will most likely be a fee (possibly a hefty one at that). The PS4 has left policy on used games much more open, and at the same time left Microsoft looking like absolute fools. On a different, but awesome note, I just found out that I could play my old PS1 games on the PS3! Metal Gear Solid is again being revived.

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