Q-Con XX

Q-Con XX is here, and officially commenced at 5pm GMT. Q-Con is the annual gaming convention held by QUB Dragonslayers, the gaming society, and the convention is the largest in Ireland. So, was I in the midst of the hubbub and excitement of the event? No, I was not. I was hanging curtains, in Magheralin, far from the convention. I would have been there, if not for a gap in the train schedule, but that will be my destination shortly. It has been a while (almost two years to be precise) since I have covered a gaming event, which of course was Gamescom 2011, and though Q-Con is a much smaller event, I’m hoping it will still be a good weekend. Walking past the Students Union, the first thing I was surprised to see was the number of cosplayers out and about; not at all a common sight in Belfast, and some of the costumes were excellent. They were getting some peculiar looks from people passing by. There was a fair crowd around the union already, and I expect many more inside. It is a breath of fresh air to see a gaming event being held in Belfast, and great that it is so well supported by the gaming community here. This was just a brief post before I head off, and I hope to see some of you there!

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