Holidays and so on

I have been lazy. Lazy and busy. Exactly how lazy I’ve been compared to how busy I have been is up for debate, but the general gist is that I either haven’t had much time, or I’ve been out of the country. I did not even get a chance to wrap-up my little bit on Q-Con. The long and short of it was, Q-Con was okay. I played fewer games there than I would on a regular weekend, and though it was nice for a bit of a change, after being to a big games convention such as Gamescom, there’s no going back. The neglect of the film competition also annoyed me, and despite contacting the organisers through email, Twitter, and Facebook, nobody could tell me (or bothered to reply) who was short-listed, and who won. So, organisation was not the greatest at times, but there were some highlights, including the comedy night and the quiz.

I did enter the Quake tournament on Sunday afternoon, but alas I did not get far, and was put out in the first round. Initially I was doing fine, but as the game continued on I fell out of the swing of things, and ended up 3rd in that round (the top two carried on). I was terribly out of practice, but it did remind me of how fun it could be. I did try and get into some multiplayer more recently in the form of Uncharted 3, but it got annoying fairly fast, and when my PS+ subscription trial ran out then I had to suffer the horrible ads. Video ads, superimposed on top of the screen, and un-skippable, and some were very long. I had an ad before choosing the gametype, and an ad before joining the lobby, which is quite frankly ridiculous. If you want to give me a free game, at least make it very clear before that it is not just ad-supported, it is ad-infested! Some things in Uncharted 3 just annoy the hell out of me too, like insta-kill takedowns which take all the skill out of it.

Good at times, but often frustrating - Uncharted 3 MP
Good at times, but often frustrating – Uncharted 3 MP

I’m struggling to get motivated enough to write much more, as the studentship is eating into my free time, and I have a presentation to give this Friday on a project that hasn’t even started yet. I had a movie night on Saturday past, and we watched a classic I hadn’t seen in many years, the Crow. The Crow is a dark action film, starring the late Brandon Lee, about a man coming back from the dead to avenge the death of him and his fiancée. After almost 20 years, it still holds up well, and the only thing that has really aged is the regeneration effects after the Crow is shot. It was a great shame that the Crow was to be Brandon Lee’s last movie, and his death, as he was killed on set by an accident with a firearm. A dummy round containing a bullet and no powder was lodged in the barrel of one of the guns, and loaded with a blank round, and when fired off the bullet hit Lee. Sad, but a result of incompetence and poor gun maintenance.

2 responses to “Holidays and so on”

  1. I really liked The Crow, and I didn’t think I would before watching it. It definitely doesn’t feel like a twenty-year-old film.

    1. I enjoyed it too. Some parts were very 90s, but it was a good gritty comic book movie. It was one of those films I hadn’t seen in years, but always wanted to rewatch.

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