Movie Trips and Clinics – Writing Challenge Day Four

Kick-Ass 2

As you may have gathered, I enjoy using the phrase ‘as you may have gathered’. But nevertheless, as you may have gathered, I’m a Kick-Ass fan. Tonight was the QUB Sci-Fi and Fantasy cinema trip to see Kick-Ass 2. I really enjoyed the first film as it was a fresh take on the superhero/comic book movie genre, and went to great detail to paint a fairly realistic picture of an ordinary person trying to take on an extraordinary role. Not only that, but I really like the music too, including a few good original pieces. Definitely a hard act to follow, though the setup was perfect for a sequel. A son wanting to avenge his father’s death, a common back story for villains, but with some interesting twists. Chris D’Amico (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) who became the superhero Red Mist in the first film, takes a rather different turn and on a quest for revenge, becomes The Mother Fucker. His transformation is rather hilarious, going from a pissed off kid to an evil genius who’s power is possessing a lot of money – enough money to hire lots of people to kill others on his behalf.mother-fucker

I’ll have more on this tomorrow, but for now I’m off to play one of my favourite games: Metal Gear Solid 4. I know it is slightly bending the rules of my writing challenge, but due to being slightly busier today, having sat in a general nephrology clinic this afternoon. There were some interesting patients, and I got to hear all the ins and outs of peritoneal dialysis and chronic kidney failure, along with a rare condition called incontinenta pigmenti. I was a bit useless at figuring things out, but it was good to try and get back into the clinical way of thinking. It has been a couple of months since I’ve been finished, and it feels like all my knowledge is seeping away very rapidly.

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