2 Years and still going strong! (Sort of…)

Damn you Curse of Monkey Island! Old adventure games are an easy target, and one I’m using in particular to blame for not having anything written this evening. I did do other things today, including baking brownies and knitting, but no writing at all. It’s a shame, because today is the second anniversary of my blog “Ordinary Decent Gamer”, that began with “Inside Gamescom” in the August of 2011. It has been an excellent and action packed two years, and I should do a recap at some stage, since they are so popular with TV these days.

The Curse of Monkey Island
The Curse of Monkey Island

But today is not that day, and if you really want a recap of what has happened on here so far, feel free to take a look at the archive. There are 132 posts to choose from, amounting to many thousands of words, and perhaps a smidgen of good material. I haven’t yet revisited any of my old features, but that may still be to come. The blog has taken on many forms since its inception, from game previews and reviews to recipes and guides, computer building and repair to the life and times of the author, and of course, that ever popular theme, keyboards. Don’t ask me why, I’m still quite confused, but the IBM Model M posts (my superbly clicky keyboard) seem to be the most viewed of all! It’s a mad world, filled with a lot of mad people who like keyboards. Of course, I include myself in that category. Anyway, I’ll wrap things up here, I’ve got to get to a movie night. It has been a great time so far, and I hope you, dear readers, wherever you are, will continue to follow my journey through this frightening world which I have become quite fond of. To life, I say, L’Chaim!

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