On the Road (In the Sky)

It has been a somewhat stressful few hours, packed with psuedo-deadlines and other drama, but we’re just about to board our flight to Chicago. I am now officially excited! The first flight is 8-ish hours, then a stopover in Chicago before heading on to Portland. I’ve been rediscovering the joys of airport pricing, where it seems hyperinflation has struck. €10 for a fry?! Complete and utter madness, particularly when the quality of said fry is likely to be surpassed by a £3 fry in Belfast. At least we are getting food on the plane, though I’m not sure if the service with Aer Lingus will be as good as on Continental/United Airlines. They do offer 3-course meals for a ridiculous price, but as long as I get something, then am left alone I will be over the moon. My main issue with transatlantic flights is the ‘twilight zone’, or so I like to call it. For the first hour or so, I can read a lot, and generally get stuff done. Be it watching a movie, writing some blog stuff, or working on something else, all is fine. After a few hours though I start to get a little groggy. I’m too tired to concentrate on anything, even watching a full movie, but I’m not tired enough to sleep. I’ll have more later, I’m just about to board.

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